Golf World Stansted

Personal training

We are proud to be running the gym at Golf world Stansted. 

A personal desire on exercise, to motivate, monitor and get clients to where they want to be through exercise.

Each of our personal trainers is a lover of fitness, focus on a healthy lifestyle and have desire and passion to bring this to others.

Spinning Class

Start your fitness journey

MOT and consultation

To begin your journey we will start with a consultation. This will include a visual body analysis, VO2 Max, body mass index, body mass percentage and a health questionnaire. We also use this time to talk about your goals and go through how they can be achieved through a change in lifestyle eg. diet and exercise.

We will ask that this consulatation to be a minimum of 24 hours before your first personal training session to allow us to tailor your workout specifically to your needs and goals.

Why use a Personal Trainer?

Get more out of your workout

A PT has an extensive knowledge of the human anatomy, functional exercises, exercise science and basic nutrition. We have the ability to assess and screen clients for body posture from day 1 until your goals are achieved.

Ultimately, our personal trainers have the experience and ability to execute fitness programmes that are both safe and effective. They will keep you motivated, on target, teach you new things and be with you every step of the way.

Personal Trainer
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Eating for fitness

Fuelling your body

Included in your Personal Training Package we will calculate, monitor and advise you of the nutritional requirements needed to achieve your specific goals.



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