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Box Fit

Be the best

Group exercise is one of the best ways to improve your fitness and have fun at the same time. Our boxing fit classes involve different stations, working the whole body during the 1 hour session.

All these classes are held at Manuden Community Centre. Please contact Lucy to book your space.

Fitness Class
Happy Baby

Mums Fit

Regain your figure

These classes are specifically designed to work the whole body following the birth of your baby. Not only targeted to those who have recently given birth, but also to those who have not regained their confidence and fitness even when their little ones are starting school.

This class is for 30 minutes.

Be Pushed To Your Max

Anyone can get fit with LA Active


Legs, Bums and Tums

Be the best

Tone your thighs, tighten your bum and firm those abs in the ultimate lower body workout. Pure legs, bums and tums will target those stubborn areas using high rep ranges and nothing but your own body weight. 

we can guarantee you will achieve results and feel amazing in this very popular class.

Monday 9:30am - 10:30am

Thursday 7pm - 8pm

Fitness Class
Happy Baby

Coming soon ...

Spin classes

Build your fitness with our upcoming spin classes.

New to spinning? Try our beginner class. 

Specifically designed for those who are new to spinning or those who enjoy the challange but are after a little less then the full 45 minute class.

Duration: 20 minutes

For those who enjoy the high intensity challange, push themselves to achieve great fitness levels and gain strength this class is for you.

Duration: 45 Minutes


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